2016 Innovation Celebration Winners

Siemens Healthineers – Mobile Lung Screening Vehicle

To help provide effective, efficient screening for high risk patients, Siemens Healthcare offers a Mobile Lung Cancer Screening Vehicle. This unique vehicle — built using a commercial grade 38-ft Freightliner motorhome — is outfitted with a 16-slice SOMATOM Scope CT system. Thanks to the compact size and low power consumption of the SOMATOM Scope CT, the vehicle is 100% self-contained and does not require a CDL to operate. The Siemens Mobile Lung Cancer Screening Vehicle provides improved access to this potentially lifesaving exam for the high risk patients who need it most.

Kubtec – KUB® 250 Neonatal Imaging System

Kubtec®, the world leader in digital imaging, is committed to improving quality of care for newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The KUB® 250 Neonatal Imaging System, the world’s only portable low dose digital X-ray system designed specifically for the NICU, is compact and lightweight, producing the highest resolution images that physicians require for the most vulnerable patients, at doses around 40% less than typical general purpose portable systems. The KUB® 250 Neonatal Imaging System also features a DR detector that fits directly into the incubator slot, eliminating the need to move the infant and reducing the stress on these tiny patients.

Kubtec – MOZART® System with TomoSpec® Technology

At Kubtec®, the world leader in digital imaging, we are committed to improving the quality of care for women with breast cancer. The MOZART® System with TomoSpec® Technology, the world’s only specimen radiography system to use 3D tomosynthesis, enables superior visualization of targeted lesions to drive reduction in re-excision rates and improve quality of care. The MOZART® is also the first intraoperative specimen radiography system to offer an integrated high resolution optical camera for real time comparison of optical and X-ray images to assist surgeons in tissue orientation for optimal margin analysis.

Skytron – iRISecure

The iRISecure solution supports regulatory compliance and hospital accreditation standards for tissue management. This smart cabinet and tissue management solution creates a highly accurate, automated approach to documenting and tracking tissue and related product within your hospital by leveraging RFID technology. Securely store, track and log frozen, refrigerated or ambient tissue by simply removing the product or waving the product at the console. Capture the entire use cycle – from product receipt, logging and storage to procedural utilization.

GE Healthcare – Monica Novii™ Wireless Patch System

The Monica Novii™ monitors fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate and uterine activity, all with a single patch.  It is an effective solution for monitoring high BMI patients, and minimizes the risk of maternal/fetal confusion.  In addition, the cable-free system requires no repositioning, and keeps the work environment clear and safe, allowing for easier monitoring during some clinical procedures.  It is also shown to improve patient satisfaction because it eliminates the need for uncomfortable belts, is waterproof, and provides for in-room mobility.

Hologic – Affirm™ 2D / 3D™ Imaging-guided Prone Biopsy System

The Affirm™ prone biopsy system is the first dedicated prone system designed to better visualize to target lesions found during Genius™ 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ exams, as well as other screening modalities. Clinicians will appreciate the Affirm™ system’s exceptional 2D/3D™ biopsy imaging, faster and easier access to the breast, and improved workflow and automation enhancements. In addition to significant clinical benefits, the Affirm™ prone biopsy system is designed to increase patient satisfaction through faster procedure times and comfortable prone positioning, which eliminates a direct view of the biopsy needle.


Bloodbuy connects hospitals and blood centers in a way never before possible. Through its unique cloud-based platform, Bloodbuy provides direct access to a diversified base of industry-leading blood centers; better enabling healthcare providers to avoid overpaying for blood products or encountering blood supply shortages.  At the same time, Bloodbuy enables blood centers to access and serve a broader base of hospitals across the country.  Participating organizations gain real-time analytics tools to benchmark various blood utilization metrics in an effort to support data-driven performance improvement and cost savings initiatives.  To date, the Bloodbuy platform has generated average cost savings of 21% on overall blood spend for network participants.


The WS80A Elite is a high resolution premium system designed to meet the needs of women’s healthcare. WS80A Elite delivers exceptional image clarity by leveraging our S-Vision hybrid beamformer technology and S-Vue™ transducers. As pioneers in 3D/4D ultrasound, Samsung continues to advance volumetric imaging with Realistic Vue™ and 5D ultrasound. 5D ultrasound is a suite of advanced applications designed to streamline workflow while enhancing reproducibility for a more consistent and confident clinical assessment. 5D is the logical advancement in volumetric ultrasound, addressing the needs of today’s women’s healthcare professionals. 5D semi-automated assessment of anatomy reduces exam time by locating standard image planes and anatomical structures including fetal heart, brain, long bones and nuchal translucency.


The CereTom®  is an 8-slice small-bore portable CT scanner that delivers the highest quality Non-Contrast, Angiography, and Contrast Perfusion scans in a variety of patient locations. Its combination of rapid scan time, easy-to-use interface, and immediate image viewing make CereTom® an indispensable tool for any clinician needing real-time, high-quality images.


The FDR D-EVO GL is the world’s first long length DR detector. Designed to acquire long-length radiography for scoliosis imaging and/or long leg exams with a simple, low dose, fast, single exposure. The FDR D-EVO GL saves time, enhances efficiency, image quality and dose for upright long-length radiography exams. While conventional long-length DR systems require multiple exposures, increasing acquisition time, chances for movement between exposures and radiation to the patient. The FDR D-EVO GL complements its single exposure acquisition with ISS technology and noise reduction circuitry to uniquely contribute to producing clear, sharp images at a low dose.


The Weck EFx Shield Fascial Closure Device is the newest addition to the Teleflex portfolio of fascial closure solutions.  EFx Shield is designed to minimize complications and costs associated with post-operative port-site herniation by providing reproducible, uniform laparoscopic fascial closure.  Patient safety is the key focus behind this innovative design.  Weck EFx Shield offers the industry’s first and only shielded fascial closure device for maximum sharps protection while still providing consistent and predictably suture positioning regardless of patient anatomy. Teleflex understands safety and improved patient outcomes are paramount for healthcare providers.  With this new development we believe the WECK EFx Shield fascial closure device will change the way hospitals and surgeons view fascial closure.


Visionsense has developed the world’s first and only, small diameter endoscope and
Digital Miniature Microscope HD visualization system with HD IR Fluorescence; that also can be configured to provide 3D-HD visualization in both open and endoscopic procedures. Although, there are other products in the market that can provide fluorescence, there are no products in the marketplace that can offer capabilities of both open and MIS procedures using fluorescence. Capability to provide both IR fluorescence endoscopic capabilities and Open IR fluorescence capabilities in one system. Use of a 4mm and 5.5mm diameter endoscope(s) for IR fluorescence visualization for small endoscopic sizes, facilitating access with minimal invasive procedures.


For more than 75 years, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has been at the forefront of Transfusion Medicine.  The ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer is the first ever system that has the power to transform Transfusion Medicine with Responsive Automation, offering the safety of secure monitoring technologies, the efficiency of dynamic workflow management, and an interactive partnership with a committed team of experts.  Using the patented, proven, and reliable ID-MTS™ Gel technology recognized for providing enhanced patient safety, standardization, ease of use, and cost efficiency, the ORTHO Vision™ Analyzer automates the full range of immunohematology testing, including serial dilutions for titration studies and selected cell panels.