2014 Innovation Celebration Winners

Company: Boston Scientific

Product: S-ICD™ System

The S-ICD™ System is the world’s first and only subcutaneous ICD that provides protection from sudden cardiac arrest, without touching the heart.

This revolutionary technology represents a new paradigm shift in ICD therapy by providing physicians and patients a new and less invasive solution for a broad range of patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Like traditional transvenous ICDs (TV-ICD), the S-ICD™ System provides effective defibrillation for life threatening ventricular arrhythmias. Unlike TV-ICDs, the S-ICD System is implanted entirely subcutaneously, leaving the heart and vasculature untouched. With this novel therapy, the S-ICD™ System avoids complications associated with TV-ICDs, which allows physicians to better balance risk with therapeutic benefit.

Company: GE Healthcare

Product: Silent Scan

Introducing Silent Scan. Using a unique combination of breakthrough technologies, we’ve made MR as silent as a whisper. The day when patients can undergo an MR scan without the added anxiety of loud noise is here. And we’ve accomplished this while still providing the excellent image quality needed to make a confident diagnosis. It’s time to hear the difference.


Product: Aixplorer

SuperSonic Imagine, an International Company with Sales and Service offices in the US designs, develops and markets a revolutionary ultrasound system, Aixplorer®, that can acquire images 200 times faster than conventional systems because of an UltraFast™ software platform. This advancement brings unique innovations such as ShearWave™ Elastography, which analyzes tissue stiffness in a real-time, reliable, reproducible and non-invasive manner, and UltraFast™ Doppler, which combines Color Doppler and Pulse Wave Doppler into one efficient tool. These technologies can improve the detection and the characterization of numerous pathologies.

Company: Endochoice

Product: Fuse Endoscopy System

Fuse™, or ‘Full Spectrum Endoscopy™,’ is the latest advancement in colonoscopy. Fuse provides physicians with a panoramic 330 degree field of view as compared to the 170 degree view common with standard, forward-viewing scopes. This increased field of view enables physicians to see 94% more surface area and detect more abnormalities. A recent clinical tandem study published in The Lancet Oncology found that Fuse detected 69% more pre-cancerous polyps than standard colonoscopies.

Company: Careborne

Product: Hope Crutch

The Hope Crutch provides three points of contact – behind the shoulder, forearm, and hand. These features prevent the crutch from slipping out.   Straight arms prevent pain in the elbow, rotator cuff, and spine. Ergonomic handles relieve stress on the wrist. The Hope Crutch simply provides stability and safety, and causes less muscle stress and fatigue. Improper use of axillary crutches can result in a sevenfold increase in force on veins. Axillary crutches slip out, causing the user to slouch down against the underarm pad and operate the crutches from their armpits, creating vein compression. Orthopedic, cardiovascular, oncology, and diabetic doctors are beginning to recognize the impact axillary crutches can have on the veins and the benefits of using the Hope Crutch. And the Hope Crutch is easier to learn and easier to use.

Company: Sizewise

Product: Pediatric Pulse

The innovative Sizewise Pediatric Pulse™ is the industry’s only latex free, active pressure redistribution mattress system designed specifically for the pediatric population. Comprised of 3-zones, the Pediatric Pulse provides both pulsation and static low air loss therapy to not only manage the microclimate, but also surface pressure for the prevention of pressure ulcer development.

The replaceable, First Point of Contact™ top cover is free from harmful chemicals of concern, is vapor permeable, low friction and anti-shear to protect the delicate skin of the pediatric patient population.

The Pediatric Pulse by Sizewise is available in multiple custom and standard crib sizes.

Company: Kentec Medical, Inc./Ameritus Medical Products

Product: Hummi Micro-Draw Blood Transfer Device

Hummi Micro-Draw Blood Transfer Device is the first device to address the emerging need to maintain a stable hemodynamic balance in the cerebral and systemic circulatory system of the very low gram weight baby in the first days and weeks of life.

Total fluid volume movement in UAC’s is reduced as much as 70% over current methods, dramatically reducing risk factors for intraventricular hemorrhage. This closed, needleless system also reduces potential for needle stick injuries and bloodborne pathogen exposure to the caregiver.

The Hummi Micro-Draw Blood Transfer Device: challenging and improving current standards of care for premature infants.

Company: Olympus America


ENDOEYE FLEX 3D, the world’s only articulating HD 3D videoscope, provides depth perception and a precise spatial view of anatomy that simply cannot be achieved with traditional 2D systems. ENDOEYE FLEX 3D system improves speed, accuracy and precision of surgical procedures, when compared with 2D surgical systems (based on testing conducted using a simulated surgical model). The articulating design enables critical views of anatomical structures up to 100 degrees in any direction. Focus-free technology eliminates the need for manual focusing during the procedure. The system’s modular design allows for compatibility with the EVIS EXERA III Universal Imaging Platform.

Company: Medtronic

Product: Reveal™ LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitoring System

Reveal™ LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitoring System is the smallest heart monitor on the market that diagnoses even the most difficult irregular heartbeats so people can get the treatment that they need. Abnormal heart rhythm data is automatically sent to the doctor over a secure internet server using a cellular signal. It is safe for use in an MRI setting.

Company: Universal Hospital Services, Inc.

Product: OnCare VitalGo Total Lift Bed

The only bed of its kind, The OnCare™ VitalGo Total Lift Bed™ features a sleep deck that tilts from flat to upright, and any angle in between. This, combined with the unique ability to measure patient weight bearing ratios offers ground breaking options for progressive early mobility, weight bearing and physical therapy. A standard model and a bariatric version with motorized drive system accommodate a wide range of patients. With this innovative technology, patient strength can be improved more quickly, potentially reducing length of stay while reducing the chance of patient and caregiver injury inherent with most mobility interventions.

Company: Daya Medicals, Inc.

Product: The MedPod

The MedPod is a cellular and portable pharmacy generated real-time medication adherence and delivery system. It delivers pre-sorted doses to patients, alerts caregivers to non-compliance, provides audio and video instructions for medications, and acts as a biometric and communication hub. Patients receive their custom pre-sorted medication, formatted in dose specific pouches in the MedPod with patient-centered custom adherence reminders and instructions. The MedPod elevates patient adherence, eases and uncomplicates the burden of multiple medication dosages, and establishes a seamless bidirectional voice and video communication channel with caregivers. The MedPod reduces hospital re-admissions, PMPM costs, and elevates clinical and therapeutic outcomes.

Company: Teleflex

Product: ISO-Gard® Mask with ClearAir™ Technology

The Invisible Risk

An Invisible Risk exists in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Patients are exhaling waste anesthetic gas (WAG) into the breathing zone of their attending nurses,1 and although it cannot be detected by sight or odor, PACU clinicians can take action to protect themselves from the potential health effects.

Introducing the ISO-Gard® Mask with ClearAir™ Technology

The first of its kind, the ISO-Gard® Mask with ClearAir™ Technology was developed by Teleflex in partnership with clinicians who identified the issue and wanted to take action. As the only solution available for “source control” of WAG, the specialized ClearAir™ Technology of the ISO-Gard® Mask simultaneously delivers oxygen to patients and scavenges their exhalation to help limit WAG exposure faced by clinicians in the PACU.

Company: GE Healthcare

Product: Critikon RADIAL-CUF

The GE Healthcare has developed the Critikon RADIAL-CUF, a first-to-market, clinically validated blood pressure cuff designed to accurately measure blood pressure from the forearm of an obese patient. Until now, it has been difficult to obtain an accurate noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) measurement on bariatric patient because the proper sized BP cuff did not exist. The traditional workaround of using an upper arm cuff applied to a forearm underestimates systolic BP on average 10 mmHG. The clinical study validated the RADIAL-CUF accurately estimates radial arterial pressure within 1 mmHG when compared to an invasive radial intra-arterial reference.

Company: Hologic

Product: C-ViewTM Software Option (Generated 2D images for 3D Mammography)

Hologic’s C-ViewTM software option is a game-changing technology that results in a faster, lower-dose 3D mammography exam. The C-View software option generates 2D images from a Hologic 3D mammography data set without the need for a conventional 2D exposure, thus reducing the patient’s radiation dose and time under compression. Clinical studies have shown that a Hologic 3D exam with C-View software is superior to 2D alone for all breast types, improving diagnostic accuracy while also reducing recalls. With C-View software, facilities can offer a better exam at a comparable dose to 2D alone.

Company: Hologic

Product: Affirm™ 3D-Guided Breast Biopsy Option

The AffirmTM 3D-guided breast biopsy option is a revolutionary advance in Hologic 3D Mammography. The Affirm 3D biopsy option addresses an emergent need users of 3D systems have identified – a biopsy technology that helps them locate lesions seen only on 3D images, and lesions that are better visualized using 3D imaging.

This first of its kind biopsy technique provides a number of advantages over traditional stereotactic biopsy procedures including ease of targeting lesions, particularly those visible only in Hologic 3D images; streamlined procedure steps and faster lesion targeting resulting in shorter patient procedure time, and lower patient dose as fewer exposures are required.

Company: Allergan Inc.

Product: SERI® Surgical Scaffold

SERI® Surgical Scaffold is a knitted, multifilament, long-term bioresorbable scaffold. It is derived from silk that has been BIOSLIK™ purified to yield an ultra-pure fibroin. The device is a mechanically strong and biocompatible bioprotein. SERI® Surgical Scaffold is a sterile, single use only product and is supplied in a variety of sizes ready for use. It is tear resistant, with excellent suture retention, and can be cut in any direction. SERI® Surgical Scaffold provides immediate physical and mechanical stabilization of a tissue defect through its strength and porous construction. Through bioreplacement, SERI® Surgical Scaffold ultimately facilitates the generation of native, well-vascularized tissue that is ≈ twice the starting thickness of the scaffold alone and demonstrated nearly twice the strength of ovine fascia at 24 months Sources: Data on file,  Allergan Inc. and Allergan Instructions for Use, IFU-SCFLD-001 Rev K