Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen

NFL Carolina Panthers Star Tight End
3x Pro Bowler
Founder of the HEARTest Yard Foundation

Greg Olsen is the tight end and a captain for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. In the midst of his 12th season in the league, Greg has made three Pro Bowl trips & is a 2x NFL Man of the Year Finalist. Greg is the first tight end in NFL history to record three consecutive seasons with 1,000 receiving yards.

After playing college football for the Miami Hurricanes, Greg was selected in the 1st round of the 2007 by the Chicago Bears. Greg was traded to the Carolina Panthers in 2011, and went on to become a key contributor. He was an integral part of Quarterback Cam Newton’s MVP season in 2015, while helping to lead the team to a Super Bowl berth. Greg has continued to be a key playmaker, leader and teammate on the Carolina Panthers.

He is well known and respected in the Charlotte community for his work off the field, mostly with his foundation “Receptions for Research – The HEARTest Yard Foundation” in association with Levine’s Children’s Hospital.

About The HEARTest Yard Foundation

In January of 2012, Greg and his wife Kara found out they were unexpectedly expecting. Happiness overwhelmed their hearts. A month later, they learned Kara was carrying not one, but two, bundles of joy. They were ecstatic.

Soon they received news that rocked their family to the core. One of the babies would be perfectly healthy, while the other would be born with a severe congenital heart defect.

Kara and Greg faced all the emotion, challenges and decisions that are only known by parents of severely sick children. They instantly decided that they were going to give the baby the best chance at life, providing him access to the best doctors, state-of-the art treatment, techniques and technology. Because so much of their life revolves around football, they called this phase of their new son’s life “T.J.’s HEARTest Yard.”

Together with Levine Children’s Hospital at Carolinas Medical Center they made it happen. The Olsens and Levine Children’s collaborated to establish The HEARTest Yard initiative, a family service program administered by Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. The cutting-edge program provides families of babies affected by congenital heart disease with a multitude of services including in-home, private nursing care, physical therapy and speech therapy among other benefits.

The HEARTest Yard assists families as they settle into their new lives as parents of children with congenital heart disease. The services are deducted from a predetermined medical benefit and are used at the family‚Äôs discretion. The program is intended to be an extension of the world-class medical care offered at Levine Children’s Hospital.

The HEARTest Yard provides these services to families at no charge, while incurring no additional expense to the hospital. The goal of the program is to improve the interstage mortality rate, increase life expectancy and long term prognosis for pediatric heart patients. Greg is extremely proud of the fact that 95% of all donations are able to go directly to the cause, with very limited expenses or administrative costs.