Tom Daschle

Former Senate Majority Leader and Co-founder of The Daschle Group

One of the most influential men in Washington today, Senator Tom Daschle is a former senator whose lifelong passion and commitment to public service and healthcare reform is undeniable. As Senate majority and minority leader from 1994-2005, he cultivated a legacy as a dynamic party leader, a bipartisan consensus builder, and a tireless fighter for the common man.

Daschle is one of the longest serving Senate Democratic leaders in history and the only one to serve twice as both majority and minority leader. With three decades of political service, Daschle’s agility as a sought-after keynote is highlighted by his expertise on campaign news, candidate and policy analysis, debate coverage, and trends.

The architect of President Obama’s healthcare plan, he is an outspoken advocate for reform, and a well-connected voice between the healthcare industry and Washington policy-makers. His book, Critical: What We Can Do About the Healthcare Crisis, offered exciting new solutions to changing America’s healthcare system, and provided a detailed explanation of the framework for Obama’s plan. In his new book, Getting It Done: How Obama and Congress Finally Broke the Stalemate to Make Way for Health Care Reform, released in October 2010, he reveals how Obama and Congress broke their stalemate to create a new healthcare system, and how this plan will be implemented in the coming years. Most recently Daschle co-wrote the book Crisis Point with Senator Lott.

In October 2014, The Daschle Group was launched by Sen. Daschle in affiliation with the law and government affairs firm Baker Donelson to advise clients on wide ranging issues including health care, energy, environmental, and transportation.